Facts About Your US AdSense That Hurts


That crazy attitude every child portray when their parents takes them to candy shop and the satisfaction gained when they finally get the candy is great right? But believe me, it’s nothing compared to any bloggers’ joy on the day of AdSense approval. So bad alot of persons are now cheating the system to get approvals. But like we all know Google owns the web and as such, they can’t be cheated.

With recent trends, Google has been mistaken by many to have their flaws, but the element of truth in this is yet to be verified. New bloggers visit their AdSense dashboard every day just to know their earnings but funny enough that day seems to be a nightmare for new bloggers with low traffic.

Now when you finally reach your payment threshold ($100 or £60) How do you Transfer to your local bank account from payoneer? Here I will like to deviate a little bit to Payoneer the ultimate cash out and withdrawal method for bloggers and also to point out their payment flaws.

Before now I thought Payoneer was the king when AdSense payment is concerned, but after proper research, I drew a conclusion that Payoneer is disastrous to new bloggers who use payoneer to cash out  their US AdSense Revenue. Below are the screenshots for Payoneer minimum -Maximum local bank withdraw for US and pounds account to prove.

Minimum - Maximum $$$ Dollar Cash out for payoneer
Minimum $1,000 – $10,000 Maximum $$$ Dollar Cash out for Payoneer
Minimum £50  – £10,000 Maximum (£) Pounds Cash out for Payoneer

I’m sure many bloggers are used to the last two image above, but if you are not it means you either don’t have a Payoneer account or you haven’t made any withdrawal to your local bank account.

Now for bloggers using UK AdSense you are safe as your cash out monthly and withdrawal to your local bank account is guaranteed. But for those using US AdSense seeing the image above you should know there is trouble awaiting you except you are a big time blogger who earns more than $1,000 dollars monthly. So I advise you go for UK AdSense  to enable you withdral from payoneer to your local bank account monthly else you will be forced or stranded out from blogging before you reach your first $1,000 US dollars.

For those who are yet to register Payoneer account, please click Here to do so. And if you find this post problem solving please kindly share with friends to help them out.

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